Miscellaneous Sound poems
in Quicktime format

The Ashtray's Full
(2006 text assemblies in MP3 format)

'... Pre-used planet - ashtray full....'

Changing Games
(Virtual Fred on Games from Illuminati CD 2001 MP3 format)

'...Is it mouse over matter?
Don't invade my space or my mousedown event could rearrange your interface...'

Concrete River
(Agitational Raps)

'....They're giving our Bay a stiff upper lip...'

(Virtual Identities Explored )

'...I'm a suicide case in Cyberspace, I got a de-pressed interface...'

Iterative Loops
(The Robot Choir performs texts about their heritage)

'...but the techniques Babbage recognised put a twinkle in my great grand-dad's eyes...'

Fatal Error
(The Robot Choir with some soundscapes and Love Songs)

'...You are my control. Let me be your escape...'


ŠJenni Meredith