Memoryscapes Submission


Jenni Meredith or

Jenni Meredith has lived in Essex since 2000.
Her work, often reflecting her experience of disability, has been broadcast on Radio in England, Italy and Greece and published in magazines, anthologies and multi media and print collections.

In 1995 she was awarded an Arts Council grant to produce an animated poetry video, 'Through The Pane'. This film has been screened in festivals throughout Europe, including Feminale, Cologne, Serving Suggestions, Edinburgh, Noi Gli Altri, Turin, and won a special prize there in November 1998.

This was the first of many animated and experimental videos Jenni directed and produced in collaboration with her husband Tony, who is a sculptor and cartoonist.

In 1999 She was awarded an Arts Council Digitising Disability award,which allowed her to learn about audio and MIDI software under the guidance of mentor Richard Burns.

Jenni and Tony Meredith have produced almost twenty animated shorts; many are cartoon narratives taking a humorous look at some serious issues and others explore moving image techniques and new ways of presenting textscapes.

Jenni’s commissions include hypertexts, an interactive web based artwork, a CD Rom of interactive visual poems, and placements aboard P&O European ferries as ‘Poet on the Boet’ and aboard DFDS ferries from Harwich to Denmark and Germany. She has worked in schools and in hospitals creating poetry installations and has screened her experimental videos in unusual spaces, such as the top of a 100 foot water tower.

Her Data dance video was one of the fifteen selected projects at the Monaco Dance Festival in 2002 and she has worked on performance poetry projects with live choirs and virtual choirs of robot voices in projects funded by The Arts Council of England, Sound Sense., Millennium Trust, County Councils and others.


1)CAESIUM 137 MP3 file

Created 2006
Running time 38 seconds

An audio text about the dark ‘memories’ that linger in the grass around Chernobyl. Like the caesium 137 memories have a long half life.

Created using MacinTalk, editing layers of captured TTS audio in Premiere, Sound Edit and Audacity.

Created 2002
Running time 1 minute 39.5 seconds
Textscape exploring ideas about virtual identities and digital memory – ‘the universe reduced to digits spins between the clicks and taps...’

Created using captured audio processed and edited on both Apple Mac and Windows platforms using various sound editing applications.

Created 2002
Running time 45 seconds
Computer generated voices reciting texts about the history of computing. The line ‘Iterative Loops’ is derived from one of the first programming techniques as recognised by Ada, Countess of Lovelace, a colleague of Charles Babbage, in the mid 1800s.

The early machines, The Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine are the ancestors of today’s miniaturised laptops, hand helds and desktops; great grandfather’s of the computers which create and perform these texts about their own family tree and the history of the new. This is digital memory translated to mean the memory of anthropomorphised digital devices.

Created using MacinTalk, produced, captured and processed on several Apple Mac computers.


The submitter ( Jenni Meredith declares and confirms that she is holding all author’s rights and gives permission to include the submitted work in “Soundlab” online until revoked.

Signed ....Jenni Meredith July 30th. 2006