Grandad's Sparkle MP3 File

Great Grand-dad's Sparkle
performed by "Ralph"

The earliest multi-purpose pro-
grammable computing device was pro-
ably Babbage's 'Difference Engine', though
a more ambitious machine was
the 'Analytical Engine' because
the technology of the day, they say,
was not up to the task
he was asking.
And though he nearly had it beat, he
never saw a machine complete, but the
techniques Babbage recognised put a
twinkle in my great grand-dad's eyes, he
worked out conditional branches, iterative loops
iterative loops, iterative loops, iterative loops and
index variables......
But it was not up to the task he was asking.

Generation GapMP3 File
Genearation Gap
performed by "Ralph"

The evolution of
digital computing is
often divided into


ŠJenni Meredith