Cyborg ID MP3 File
Cyborg ID
performed by
You can't see me, I'm
in cyber space, I
have no body, I
have no face, I
speak in code and I
travel world-wide with-
out the need to
go outside. I
can talk to you, you
can talk to me, but
if I say I'm sexy then
that's what you'll see. You
won't notice my age, my
colour, my size, won't
see the flesh rippling
over my thighs. You
won't know if I'm
perfectly formed or
a brain in a jar, because
we can be whatever we
say we are. When we
meet in the digital
netherland you can
hear my words, but you
can't hold my hand. You
can imagine whatever you
want me to be and
that will become my
Mind The Digital Gap (Jenni duets with Robot Ralph)
Mind The Digital Gap (soundscape from words)
Mind The Digital Gap (Jenni duets with Virtual Fred )
Mind The Digital Gap
Every seeed is a potential flower,
Every twitch an embryonic spasm,
Each piece of knowledge is another piece of power
But every crack is an infant chasm,
Mind the digital gap
Let's bridge the divide
Stand clear of the cultural doors
As we all travel forward webwide.

Every word is a potential label
Every barrier portends a trespass
Each inequality conspires to disable
And each small crack is a baby crevasse
Mind the digital gap
Watch the growing divide
Stand clear of the techno doors
We all want to take the same ride.
ID OD MP3 File
performed by
"Virtual Fred"
You software geeks and
Cyber sneaks who's
Constant cries for
Tekkie talk bring
Instant replies from
Cyber Samaritans who
Circle the skies like
Digital vultures just
Waiting to sign you to
Their web-wide sect to
Crawl into your
Webspace get your
Code on and inspect your
Privacy, your
Web ID to
Intersect not to
Interact to
Subvert your thoughts and
Sell fiction as fact.

I'm a suicide case in cyber space
I've got a de-pressed interface
So get on-line and save my soul
Before my fantasies swallow me whole.

You hacking sneaks and
Cyber chicks who's
Virtual lies are
Fanning the flames of
Instability...It's a
Level field for
Disability and a
Minefield for
Sanity so
Watch your head on the
Cyber beam as you
Virtually tread through the
Low-down dream to my
Digital den where
We can make out technical and
You can come again.

Talk tekkie to me baby
You can click my button
You can upload my floppy
I'm a cyberspeak glutton.
Universal SimulacrumMP3 File
Universal Simulacrum
performed by
"Jenni and the Robots"
The Universe reduced to digits
Spins between the clicks and taps
Of terminals that zap one world
Towards another through the double
Helix to create a
Universal simulacrum;
Omnipotent unreality,
An isolate connectedness,
Space without physicality
Where fused philosophies
Fuse Identities as
Definitions paradoxically
Cannot define, since boundaries
No longer bind; a
Connected isolation
Existing only in
The universal mind.


ŠJenni Meredith