Changing Games MP3 File
Changing Games
performed by "Fred"

Is it mouse over matter?
Don't invade my space or
my mouse down event could
rearrange your interface.
Is it matter over mouse?
Don't patch in to my patch or
this ram eating rodent could
cause you to catch a
super real virus as you
virtually hang five; a
byte munching demon to
strip your drive with a
'one, two, three-four-five
once I caught a fish alive...'
A virus that will nibble your
Apple to the core with a
'one potato, two potato, three potato, four...'
A digital gremlin to
bring your PC to its knees as
there's 'cats had the mouse
and the mouse had the cheese.'
A WORM to demolish those
digital walls beyond
which the lonely
battle calls, where your
personal universe
is defined and your
mind's not in this world when
that world's in your mind so
as you sit at your solitary
play station,
deep in virtual
space navigation in the
numerical miasma where you
face your graphic foe, it's
eeny, meeny, miny, mo, and
'O' 'U' 'T' spells,

Ralph's Riddle MP3 File
Ralph's Riddle
performed by "Ralph"

It's always on its bed
Yet never sleeps,
It always greets you,
Yet never speaks,
It goes out a lot,
Yet it has no clothes,
It sometimes smells,
Yet it has no nose.
It reflects a lot,
Yet never thinks,
It's never dry,
Yet never drinks.


ŠJenni Meredith