Teckie Talk with bells MP3 File
Come Into My Time Zone MP3 File
performed by
"Trinoids and Victoria"

Come into my time zone
where the seconds tick
where mice don't squeak
but constantly click
where the seconds tick let me
WORM into your code
let me gently de-file you
through file-sharing mode
let me WORM into your code
I have been disconnected
I really rate your data and
respect it's write protected
I have been disconnected through
lack of activity
together we can re-start
and practice connectivity
through lack of activity my
connections have failed
some end bits were off and
my potential was curtailed.

Come into my time zone...

...I'm waiting for the writer...

Zero Gravity MP3 File
performed by
"The Robot Choir"

Zero Gravity
No weight
No weight
No! Wait!
Will you give me your data
Will you give me a date?

Fatal Error MP3 File
A duet for
"Fred and Victoria"
It's not my fault!
There was a fatal error.
You unexpectedly quit and
My life came crashing down.
My memory is full
Of your hard drive
To virtuality.
You are my control.
Let me be your escape.

L'amour d'ordinateurMP3 File


ŠJenni Meredith